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Andy Boot


A more intuitive version of du

Dust is meant to give you an instant overview of which directories are using disk space without requiring sort or head. Dust will print a maximum of 1 ‘Did not have permissions message’.

Dust will list the 20 biggest sub directories or files and will smartly recurse down the tree to find the larger ones. There is no need for a ‘-d’ flag or a ‘-h’ flag. The largest sub directory will have its size shown in red

Sample output

djin:git/dust> dust
 1.2G  target
 622M ├─┬ debug
 445M │ ├── deps
  70M │ ├── incremental
  56M │ └── build
 262M ├─┬ rls
 262M │ └─┬ debug
 203M │   ├── deps
  56M │   └── build
 165M ├─┬ package
 165M │ └─┬ du-dust-0.2.4
 165M │   └─┬ target
 165M │     └─┬ debug
 131M │       └── deps
 165M └─┬ release
 124M   └── deps